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Title: Charged
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance? PWP mostly
Genre: Het
Pairing: Gibbs/Abby
Summary: Two times Gibbs and Abby had car sex - Part 2, "Challenged" still to acome!
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: These characters belong to DPB, CBS, Paramount, et al. No copyright infringement is intended.

This and the subsequent sequel is for [ profile] chirugal's smut challenge at NFA. Thanks so much to [ profile] yayqueenrudi for her beta help on this!


Gibbs, I need you down in evidence.

On my way.

It's not unusual for us to be here after hours on a Friday night. I stay until she makes me take her home, we have some dinner, and then I take her to bed.

Sometimes we take a shower first, and I wash her clean of the chemicals she's been elbows-deep in all day and the makeup that frames her eyes and lips. I love her like that, when it's just her pale skin and the water, and I can trace that cross on her back with my tongue, twisting my fingers inside her until she groans my name.

Other times we're both too keyed up, pulling at and twisting out of our clothes the second the door closes. It's usually when we're working a tough case, her needing my strength and me needing her unshakeable faith so we can get through another day. We're lucky on those nights if we make it to the bedroom at all, and we need the shower the next day to ease the aches of stiff muscles from sleeping on the couch or tangled in blankets on the floor.

Tonight's a slow night. I'll take my time with her tonight, after I see what she wants downstairs.

The garage is dark, the only light coming from the elevator as I step out. It's only when the elevator doors shut that another light comes on. This time it's the dome light on the Charger; when did she bring that in? "Abbs?"

I can see her in there, her smile bright and sweet as she beckons me to get inside. When I open the door, I see a blanket draped over the drivers seat. My arched brow and half-smile only makes her laugh in a way that makes my pants tighten. "Shut the door," she says, watching me with familiar intensity. Maybe she's taking her time with me tonight.

I don't bother buckling up, especially as I notice that the seat is moved all the way back. A moment later the dome light fades out and we're in darkness again. "You said you needed me?" It makes the tease more fun if I play along. "Because it's getting late, and I figured--"

Her lips are on mine, the syrupy-sweetness of Caf-Pow kisses like a drug that goes straight to my cock. Her skin is soft under my fingers, warming with every breath as I push her shirt up. I need more than the taste of her kisses and she knows it, but she stills my hands with another low chuckle. When her slender fingers tug at my belt and she shifts her head lower...good god.

"If I tried this while you were driving we'd end up in the Anacostia," she says, her smile audible in the darkness. "So I needed a different strategy to get you where I wanted you." I jump at the feel of her breath across my cock, and then she has me.

Hot, wet, nimble tongue, teasing me, low moans around me, and it's all I can do not to twist those pigtails around my fingers and use her. I can't see her in the dark, so I close my eyes and feel every tracing curl and sweep of her tongue, her fingers stroking what she can't reach.

When her fingers slide under my balls I lurch up and give a little tug. "Abby." Another twitch, another stroke of her tongue and this will be over far too soon, and I'm too old to get it up twice in a night no matter how gorgeous and persuasive the partner.

Another laugh, a rustle of cloth and she's astride me, already slick and swollen against me. I can smell both of us now in the closed atmosphere of the Charger; I'm not sure if I can ever sit in here again without this in my head. I reach down to touch her and she stops me with a squeeze to my wrist.

"No evidence," she whispers against my lips, and now I understand why she brought the blanket, why I know this is going to seem like a wild dream later.

A shift, a gasp from her and a moan from me as she brings herself down on me, and I slide my hands up her ribs and over her breasts to coax another moan, both of us sharing breath in this incredible moment.

"Oh God, Gibbs."

I rock my hips up, needing to move, and she laughs again, tightening herself around me until I have to freeze or I'll come right there.

I hear and feel the click, and we both fall back/forward as the seat reclines, sending us almost into the back seat. She braces herself, her hands to either side of my head, a curvy shadow in the dark.

"Oh no...I'm driving tonight," she says, with a twist of her hips when I roll her nipples between my fingers. "You just sit back and enjoy the ride."

There aren't any words after that, just the language of clandestine sex, whispered gasps and kiss-swallowed groans. Undulating heat clasped around me with quickening pulses until, with a shuddering arch of both our bodies, I come so hard the blood roars in my ears and I think I'm going to pass out.

God, I love this woman.

The kisses are slower then, sweet and soft as our heartbeats slow to normal, her skin damp with sweat beneath my fingers. She leans back and up, and we both blink at the yellowed glow of the dome light as she nudges it on.

"Have fun?" she asks, with another roll of her hips that stays my reply while we both feel the aftershock.

"That...was a hell of a ride, Abbs."

Her laughter surprises me, but it's not at my words, and when I see it I laugh with her.

We steamed up the windows.

It's not until Tuesday that we need the car again.

"Sorry I'm a little late, Boss. The seat was all the way back and Ziva didn't know how to adjust it, and then I had to explain new car scent to her, since I think the motor pool had it detailed, and--well you're sure in a good mood."

Ziva and I slap him together as I hide my grin a moment too late.


Hope you liked! Feedback will be cherished and hung on my fridge.
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