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Title: Challenged
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance? PWP mostly
Genre: Het
Pairing: Gibbs/Abby
Summary: Two times Gibbs and Abby had car sex - Part 2
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: These characters belong to DPB, CBS, Paramount, et al. No copyright infringement is intended.

This and the subsequent sequel is for [ profile] chirugal's smut challenge at NFA. Thanks so much to [ profile] yayqueenrudi for her beta help on this!

She couldn't believe she'd talked him into it. Looking back on it now, the whole day seemed like snapshots in someone's Kodak Moments scrapbook, but there it was.

The Challenger rode like a dream from the Navy Yard to Ocean City, the early morning sun rising into their eyes as the day dawned warm and clear.

He held her hand, their fingers laced as they strolled the boardwalk.

He'd won her a stuffed rhino for Bert; she'd laughed when he took the Weaver stance to fire a stream of water into a clown's mouth.

She'd fed him vinegar-soaked french fries when they stopped for lunch, the seagulls hovering noisily overhead for any opening to steal what tidbits they could.

He was just as seemingly reckless behind the wheel of a bumper car as he was behind the wheel of the Challenger this morning.

He was different today. Still Gibbs, but...softer? No. Relaxed. A smile that only faded to the Gibbs-glare when she suggested he get a henna tattoo.

She figured it out when she came out of the ladies room (a lady changes for dinner, no matter where she may be) and saw him at the carousel. The look on his face as he watched the children told her all she needed, and she slid her arm through his when she came up next to him. A shared glance, a soft smile, and they were on their way to dinner.

Abby kept a running commentary through dinner, telling stories of growing up in New Orleans, the various jobs she had while in college and when she was working as a scientist before being recruited into NCIS...just about anything. She was the only one of her family that was really uncomfortable with the silence that reigned in the Sciuto home. It was one of the reasons she played her music in the lab, and always smiled when she heard someone complain it was too loud. It was why she talked to her machines, so they knew that there was always someone there listening to them.

She had a feeling that Gibbs knew it too, that need to be heard. It gave her an extra ten-second window at work to offer a verbal fanfare before giving him the results he needed, and she repaid him in kind with the kind of accuracy that made her his favorite.

He certainly listened in other aspects of their relationship as well; she only ever had to tell him once if there was something she liked or didn't like in bed. Oh yeah, Gibbs was a detail man, and the memories of that lowered the tone of her voice as she savored her second bite of cheesecake. The things he could do with his tongue, fingers...

"...never been parking."


"Can I get this to go?"

It was a gorgeous little overlook they found, where they could see the water, the light of the half-moon glinting off the waves and softening the atmosphere in the car to something shadowed and secret. She spun the dial on the radio until she found some classic rock and turned it down low, the music just familiar enough to be background noise as she moved in for a kiss.

"Four wives and you've never been parking," she said between kisses. "I'd keep thinking you were never a teenager if I hadn't seen the look on your face when you drove this baby back in Stillwater."

The sound of his chuckle was as rare as diamonds, treasured every time she heard it. "Parking's for the third date...never got that far before I enlisted."

"Third date?"

"Hey, I'm a gentleman."

She laughed into his kiss this time, content to let the past fade as the slow exploration deepened to something hungrier, his hand sliding up her thigh and gathering the hem of her dress along with it. She twisted the little to-go container open, feeding him cheesecake sucked off her fingers and smiling as she shifted in her seat, pressing her thighs together as her need for him grew. She could feel herself, swollen and slick, and leaned harder into his kisses as his hand reached where her panties should be.

He froze, drawing back to look at her, shock warring with arousal in his eyes. She sucked a bit of cheesecake from her finger as she flicked her gaze towards the rear-view mirror, upon which dangled the wayward bit of cotton and lace.

The playful finger-sucking tease ended as his own fingers delved, pushed and twisted, and she suddenly needed both hands for balance. One hand on the dashboard, the other gripping the headrest of his seat, she bucked her hips towards his rough-surprised caress, her head lolling back on her shoulders as she bit her lip to stay her cries.

Then his touch was gone; when she opened her eyes to see him brushing the slick across his lips she almost came right then and there.

She blinked as the dome light came on. "What--?"


She wasn't about to refuse that voice, lust-rough and urgent. The sand crunched beneath her feet and they came together between the Challenger's headlights, the kisses bruising as he gripped her waist and lowered her onto the hood of the car, still warm from the drive, along that wide black stripe between the engine vents. She kicked her shoes off, leaning up on her elbows to watch him work at his pants, catching sight of his cock before he was on her, fingernails scratching as he shoved her dress up to her waist.

She arched up to meet his first driving thrust, heat and thickness spreading her, forcing a cry that echoed in the night. The teeth of his fly scratched at the smooth skin of her thighs, adding a stinging accent to the encounter that ratcheted her arousal almost to the edge. What carried her over, however, was the sharp twist at her nipple through the dress, and she writhed beneath him, gasping obscenities at the intensity of the sensations rocketing through her.

And it wasn't over yet.

He grabbed her wrists, pinning them next to her head and groaning against her throat as she curled her leg over his hip, tilting so he entered her at a new and delicious angle. She strained against his grip just to feel him tighten his fingers around her wrists and quicken his thrusts to a near-frantic pace that she knew would leave her wonderfully sore tomorrow.

"Oh, oh god, Abby--"

He tucked his head against her, his breath harsh across that spider tattoo as he buried himself deep, the pulses of his own climax triggering something sharp and white-hot that snapped her hips against his in a shuddering grind, so powerful that it brought tears to her eyes...

She heard the sound of the waves first, her other senses returning gradually as Gibbs released her hands, their post-coital dance of gentle kisses and soft touches so like a benediction it made her smile and give a mental amen.

He stroked his finger across her smiling lips, his eyebrow twitching up in silent curiosity.

"Two for me, one for you? Keep your hearts and flowers. That's a gentleman."


Hee, hope you liked! Feedback is love :)
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