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Title: Eavesdropping (1 of 2)
Fandom: NCIS
Character/Pairing: Gibbs/Abby
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Gibbs overhears a very private conversation. Smut ensues.

Special thanks to [ profile] chirugal for the inspiration :)


The end of a slow week was the hardest. The cold cases, the file organization, and the physical training could only occupy them for so long, and by Friday they were all nearly at each others' throats.

"Ziva, where's the Larkin file?"

"It is on your desk, where I left it ten minutes ago."

"Well obviously it's not there, is it? It's not like I would ask for a file I already had on my desk."

"I can count about ten times this week where you've--"

"Mind your business, McNosey."

Gibbs looked up at the clock and nodded; they definitely needed a break, and if letting them go at 3:00 p.m. would keep them from killing each other, he'd do it gladly.

"Pack it up. We'll finish on Monday." He set his glasses on the desk and pinched the bridge of his nose, waving away the 'Thank you, Boss'-es until his section of the bullpen was quiet. He called Ducky and found out that he'd already sent Palmer home an hour ago. "Have a good weekend, Duck."

Only one more person to send home, and he smiled as he stepped off the elevator. Abby's stereo was already off, and he walked quietly in case she'd taken advantage of the lack of evidence and activity to catch a nap before going out tonight.

"Hey, baby."

He froze as he heard her voice pitched lower than he'd ever heard it, the gravelly purr of it shooting right down his spine to his--

At ease, Marine. She's teasing, like she always does.

"I know, I usually end up calling later, but it's been so boring at work today that I had to get a fresh fix before the weekend." There was a pause, and then a laugh that only augmented the effect her voice had on him. Ah. She was on the phone, and his eyes caught movement farther in.

He saw her reflected in the window to her office, her lab coat draped over the back of her chair and the black t-shirt seeming all the more form-fitting for it. She had her chunky-soled Mary Janes kicked up on her desk, the white knee socks a wicked lead-in to her bare legs that the skirt just barely covered when she was standing.

She smiled at whatever the person at the other end of the line had to say. "We'll get to what I'm wearing in a minute. I have a new one for you this week."

New what?

"I'm calling from work today, so you get to tease me through a work fantasy."

Oh god. He needed to get out of here, before he heard anything more...but his legs wouldn't move.

"I work in an office full of very, very sexy men and women. I lust after a few, even dated one for a while but it didn't work out. I love them all. I want them all for different reasons, but there's only one that I want to fuck tonight."

Marine, you get your ass in gear and take the stairs so she doesn't hear the elevator. NOW.

"Your name is Jethro, my crazy-sexy boss who I've been crushing on since the day you interviewed me. You bring me Caf-Pows and kisses whenever you need something and every time you flirt with me it kills me that we've never done more. We've been out a total of ten times, always just before my birthday, but you've never made a single move, even that time when I got drunk at your place and that only makes you sexier because it was so. Fucking. Noble.

"You probably think you're too old for me, with your silver hair and the years in your eyes that always know when I'm upset. What you don't know is that every short skirt I wear is so you'll take that split-second and look at my legs. Every time I wear my hair up, it's so I can feel your breath on my neck when you come see me. Every time I ramble at you it's because I want you to shut me up with a kiss that makes me forget my name."

Move it, Gunny.

"It's been a slow week at work. We're all tense and snappy and you haven't come to see me today, even though I wore your favorite socks and a shorter skirt than usual. I know you like them, because I've caught you looking at my legs more often when I wear them than any other pair." This time her reflected grin was absolutely wicked. "You're not the only one with an eye for details." She slid her short fingernails along the edge of the socks, toying with the black bow just beneath her knee.

He wondered if her other listener was as hard as he was. The urge to get the hell out of Dodge was lessening with everything he heard, and other urges were surfacing that he'd dismissed with a snort on earlier occasions.

He wasn't sure he wanted to dismiss them now. Not when he knew that his glances had been noticed, even cataloged based on wardrobe and hair choices, and her look custom tailored to his desire.

"All the lights are off, Jethro. I'm all alone in my office and already wet just from talking about everything you do to me without even touching me. Tonight...mmm, you're gonna touch me." She slid her fingers up from her knee to between her thighs, and he swallowed hard as her eyes fluttered shut, the wheels of her chair squeaking just a little as her hips rocked towards her touch. "Oh yeah, just like that. Tell me how. Tell me what you're doing."

She fell silent then, and, while she was distracted with her phone sex and fingers, he took the chance, sliding along the shadows of her office until he could see her through the door and not reflected in the glass.

"God yes...want you just like that, on your knees, one hand on my ass while the other holds me open for your tongue." She whimpered, whimpered at the thought of him there, and it took all of his sniper training to keep his breathing silent through it all.

God, I can smell her.

He saw her frown, and she made a little negative sound at her phone partner as she shook her head. "No, not gentle. You've kept up the whole restraint thing for too long. I know you have some grab in your hands, some bite in your teeth. When you snarl at someone and I can hear it, it makes me so wet...oh god, so wet I have to clench up just to keep it from getting obvious."

Her hips moved faster now, her scent growing thicker in the air. He was so close he could reach out and touch her hair.

"Yes...God hot behind me, bending me over the desk...yes, just like that. I can feel your hand on your belt, pulling your pants open and I'm so glad I went commando today..."

Faster now, and now he could hear it, his own cock pressed painfully against his fly.

"Oh god...Jethro, so close. I'm gonna--"

He stepped out of the shadows, enough so she'd see the movement reflected in the glass of her picture frame.

The effect was instantaneous; she froze with a soft gasp, eyes saucer-wide as she looked up at him, her fingers stilling beneath the skirt as he took the phone from her unresisting hand.

"She's gonna have to call you back."

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