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For those reading the Control Theory AU over at [ profile] queens_choice, here's a few snippets that explained some of Alec's questions before he signed the contract with Tony.

"Sir, I don't think I'm clear on this part of the contract."

"That's a Power of Attorney form. You'll be signing any assets and accounts over to my control."

Alec sighed and set the form aside. "I'm not signing anything over to you. My money and my assets are my own."

Keith frowned. "This isn't a negotiation, boy. My slaves are allowed only what I give them."

"I guess you'd better go fuck yourself then, until you find someone looking for an insecure sugar daddy with control issues." He picked up his duffle bag and left the restaurant, heading for the bus station.


"I'm heading back to the homestead this weekend, Sir. I'll text you when I get there."

The hand petting him stilled in his hair. "No. I need you here. You can go home another time."

"It's my mother's birthday, Sir. I told you about it two weeks ago."

"And I said no. That's the end of it, unless you want to re-read the terms of the contract you signed three months ago. You remember that, right? How badly you wanted to be my good boy?"

He hung his head, swallowing the angry tears back. "I remember, Sir. May I be excused so I can make a call?"

He packed a bag, closed his bank account and left the contract in a puddle of piss on Randall's desk before he left, his phone already tucked in his shoulder. "Hey Cowboy, it's me...can I crash with you for a few days?"


"Now just try to hold still, Mister Ramsey. I know this hurts. You say you got caught in the middle of a bar fight? You're lucky these cuts are shallow. Usually bottle cuts are deeper."

Zeus! Jesus Christ Zeus get that fucking thing away from me!

Subs have limits and safewords, boy. Slaves only have Masters.

"You should see the other guy."


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