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Title: Blood Doping
Author [ profile] onlyonechoice
Fandom: NCIS
Characters/Pairing: Gibbs, Tony, Team
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None.
Spoilers: Vague ones for season 7
Prompt: Any fandom, any pairing, a character finds out that his or her partner is something completely different than what they seem; something horrifying. Can be supernatural or not
Summary: An investigation into an underground fight club leads to a terrible discovery.
Word Count: Approx. 1100 words
Notes: Written for [ profile] dark_fest, thanks to [ profile] piwrit_queen for the beta and to [ profile] chirugal for the inspiration when I couldn't think of anything horrifying enough!

Rule Three, Gibbs. Rule fucking Three. Never be unreachable.

"Take exit eleven and make a left off the ramp," McGee said, his eyes on his PDA, and Tony punched the gas even harder, wishing that the agency cars had lights and sirens.

Sure, they could chase the lead, make the arrests themselves; he and McGee were seasoned enough that it wouldn't be taken amiss, and Ziva was Ziva, Probie or not, but they were a team, and what was a team without a leader?

Not much if he doesn't answer his cell phone. Where the hell are you?

Two petty officers had been killed not far from Quantico, and there was evidence of another underground 'fight club' that suggested their injuries had been incurred there. Ducky hadn't been able to make sense of their injuries, save to suggest that they were both using PCP when they'd fought, both during the battle that killed them and previously; the autopsy had revealed healed injuries that would have sidelined a boxer for months but these two never missed a duty assignment, and had no accompanying hospital records had indicated any treatment for the injuries.

Gibbs had been wiggy about this from the beginning, and when a search of their personal effects turned up geltabs that they couldn't explain, he'd gotten even wiggier, if that was even a word. They'd even stumped Abby, who could only identify it as some distilled version of hemoglobin.

Tony had heard of blood doping during his sports days at Ohio State, but that only increased endurance. It didn't accelerate healing, especially not at rates that would suggest no hospitalization was needed for broken bones.

That had been about the time Gibbs disappeared, telling Tony to follow up on any leads they'd found.

Well, following up had included getting search authorizations for the security personnel who let them both off the base without proper leave, and when they'd gotten him back to Interrogation, managed to wrangle an address out of his smug smile.

I'd like to see you guys try to bring them in.

And here they were, taking exit eleven instead of finding out where Gibbs was, because this bust was more important--

"McGoo, get a GPS location on Gibbs' cell phone, now!" He yanked the car over to the shoulder and frowned at his partner's PDA. "If we make this arrest without him he'll make us do all the paperwork."

Tony ignored McGee's wry smile as he tapped at the touchpad, but when the other agent frowned he bumped heads with him to find out what was up. "What?"

"He's at the same location, Tony."

"Dammit!" Tony tried the cell one more time, cursing again when it went to voice mail. "All right, let's come up on this quiet and see if we can spot Gibbs."

He phoned Ziva as they made their slow way to the warehouse. "No, I don't know why Gibbs is already on-site. We'll attempt contact before we make the bust, but we'll make the bust tonight."

They pulled up down the street from the warehouse and made their way closer on foot. "Ziva, you and McGee go around back. I'll see if I can find another way in and find Gibbs."


"Fifteen minutes, you come in. Otherwise, snag anyone that tries to run out the back."

He was going to find Gibbs. He left Ziva and McGee and trotted around to a side door, listening at it and hearing muffled cheering from inside. Looks like we found what we were looking for.

He slid the side door open and slipped inside; most of the action was happening at the other end of the warehouse, and he strained his ears to catch...

"--my people are on their way."

Gibbs. He drew his gun, crept closer to the voices.

"Don't think about that now." A woman's voice this time. "I'll take care of them. No casualties, since you were so forthcoming." She laughed, and he saw a flash of red hair through the window of one of the offices. "So protective of your people, Jethro. We both can understand that, right? There...there."

Tony pushed the door open and saw his life turn upside-down.

He saw a woman with a long tumble of red hair, her pale fingers furrowed into Gibbs' silver hair. Gibbs was oh god he was on his knees and sucking at her wrist like a baby at a breast while she crooned to him.

"Your team is being neutralized, Jethro," she said. "They won't even remember being here, and you'll still be able to protect them. All the speed, the strength that your weak body needs to keep them all safe."

Tony blinked, even as he felt the hand on his shoulder and the barrel of the gun beneath his ear, and in that instant so many things made sense.

He made it three quarters of a mile from his nest to the bunker in less than two minutes in Somalia.

He took a hit from a moving car and walked away from it, was out of that sling in record time.

The woman looked up at him, and when she smiled he saw a flash of fangs in the dim light as Gibbs was wiping the blood from his mouth...

Tony blinked at the night breeze in his hair; he, McGee and Ziva were standing outside their cars. "What the hell..." He looked around, and for the life of him he couldn't... "What are we doing out here?"

"Looking for Gibbs?" McGee looked at his PDA. "That's what I searched for last, before--"

"Before you found him."

The three of them jumped to see Gibbs walking up to their cars, shaking his head. "Lead's a dead end. Nobody's been in that warehouse in months."

Tony frowned, wondering how Gibbs had gotten here, not seeing any sign of his car. "Boss we got a guy in custody who said that--"

"He let the two Petty Officers off base without clearance. Turn him over to JAG and let them charge him and we can all go home and get some sleep." Gibbs rubbed at his mouth, and as Tony followed the motion of his hands, he found himself having to suppress his gag reflex.

"Sounds good, Boss," McGee said, and he and Ziva headed back to the car.

Tony paused, his fist still at his lips, and met Gibbs' gaze as the other car pulled away.

"C'mon," Gibbs said, and twitched his head back towards the warehouse. "Someone wants to meet you."
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