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Title: The Big Chair
Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Gibbs/Abby
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None
Summary: Tag to Enemies: Domestic - Gibbs and Abby have a little fun in the Director's office.
Disclaimer: Not my characters. All hail Bellisario :)

For [ profile] chirugal, who said she would die without some Gabby fic!

I leaned back in Vance's chair and looked at the pictures of Leon's wife and kids. I'd told Jenny, like I'd told Tom before her, that I never wanted this job. I could sit in the big chair as needed, but there was a difference between being a director and being a leader.

Tony was a leader, like me. I'd been grooming him to succeed me from day one, and Tony hadn't let me down once. He'd probably improve the close rate when he took over; he had that affable charm that disarmed more people than I made nervous enough to confess.

Tim was the strategist, someone who worked best behind the scenes. His skills in the field were beyond reproach, especially after the op in Somalia that brought Ziva back to him, but if I was a betting man, I'd bet my bottom dollar on Tim succeeding Vance when I stepped down.

For as much as Tony would probably grouse and grumble, he'd be the proudest of Tim when he earned his seat in the big chair. Tony, Ziva, Tim...with the chemistry they already had, they'd be the best team NCIS would ever see.

But that wouldn't be for a while; I had a few good years left in me, a few more cases to crack, a few more trips down to Abby's lab, Caf-Pow in hand and thoughts in my head that would make a hooker blush--


I heard the smile in her voice just before I heard the lock engage. "Got something for me, Abbs?"

"I missed you in the lab today," she said, and when her white coat draped open I could see she'd tucked her waistband under so her skirt rode even higher.

High enough to expose the garters I'd bought for her a few months ago. Jesus.

I swallowed instead of clearing my throat. "I had Tim bring your Caf-Pow." I spread my fingers on my thighs, patting them lightly.

"He even gave me a kiss." She took the invitation and straddled my thighs, edging the chair back towards the window. "But it wasn't the same."

I slid my hands up her thighs, tracing the edge of the garters. "Course it wasn't," I said with a crooked smile. "You've never sucked him off down there, have you?"

Her secret little grin told me that no, that privilege was mine and mine alone. What a night that had been; the first time she showed me that we could have more than the cheek kisses in certain camera-free parts of the lab, she'd made my toes curl.

On a lascivious hunch, I slipped my fingers up beneath the skirt to tease higher, higher.

Oh. "Will you look at that."

She echoed my thought with a soft gasp, and I knew in an instant that we were both thinking of a plan for this desk, this chair, that had nothing to do with my stint as Director.

I grinned back at her and slid two fingers home, brushing my thumb across her clit to see her bite her lip. Seeing her trying so hard to hold herself back was almost as arousing as hearing her come. The latter happened when she was braced over my kitchen counter, or straddling me on the couch, the flames crackling behind her and lighting her up like she had a halo...

I brushed her clit again, leaned up to whisper to her. "I should stretch you out on this desk right now. See if you could hold it back when I--"

She silenced me with a kiss, both hands clenched on my shoulders, and I curled my fingers inside her as if to beckon her closer to climax. "That's good, Abbs," I said when we parted to breathe. "Real good."

"Want to make it better," she said, both hands going to my belt.

We febreezed the chair and made sure to set Leon's pictures back up when we left. Hopefully he wouldn't notice the slight kink in the neck of his goosenecked lamp.

He'd just have to wonder about the stains on the carpet.
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