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[ profile] shadowtears started it, so I'll continue.

I used to play in a Changeling HTML chat called Firnost Freehold. It was an HTML-based chat on White Wolf's server, and I played on it, in various involvement and incarnations, from 1995-ish until the present day.

Sadly, with the server updates and the lack of support for the software that created the HTML chats, Firnost is no more. It's mirrored on another site, but my old Changeling stomping grounds are gone.

Those of us that have played at Firnost for ANY length of time know that the player feuds, cliques, lurksnipers and twinks were "half the fun" of the place, and many people have more bad memories than good ones. In an effort to memorialize the place, I'm going to list my good memories of the place.

Tanya's Happy Firnost Memories

I had fun in Firnost right off the bat, with my enthusiastic Dog Pooka named Colin Barker. His "landslide win" of the Freeholder election was comedy gold, and he went on to enjoy popularity, a rescue for him and his foster son when they were boarded at a kennel, and finally a retirement when the family who owned him got him a mate.

The legacy of Naoise mac Cumhaill and the Wreckin' Crew was one fraught with angst, anger, happiness, and friendships that will not be forgotten anytime soon. Through Neesh, I met some great friends, many of whom I stay in contact with to this day, and two of whom are well on their way to Happily Ever After (*hugs [ profile] darqueone and [ profile] crooked_mick*).

Politics in Firnost were a sight to behold, and I dove in headfirst with my characters. I still pride myself on the fact that my characters from the three most popular Kiths (Pooka, Sidhe, Satyr) won each Kith Representative's popular vote without any ballot-box stuffing.

The gossip, IC and OOC, was my virtual life's blood. I still remember all the stories, and happily recount them to people who remember Firnost's heyday, from Dan'l's egotism to Torey's insanity to Anna's megalomania to Bill/Grimjack's powergaming to San's angstpuppy characters to Ganja and Duke Cyan and Prince Nicholas and Princess Aurora (App 8, of course!) and the PEI gang to the...the gossip chronicles age as cheese does, and I still return to scrape off the mold and taste the sharpness again.

I got to explore so many different characters and personalities in Firnost, and through them met even more people.

Without Firnost, these fantastic characters wouldn't have had a place to shine.

Without Firnost there would have been no Caer Adeg y Lleaud, New Agengard, EverWyrd, Duchy of the Setting Sun, Rivervale Lodge and the ever-lauded Caer Happy Falken.

Without Firnost, I would never have met an entire circle of friends, and I love every one of them.

Ah, Firnost. The Mos Eisley of chat-based games. I'll miss you.


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