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Title: Safe
Rating: PG-13
Category: A bit of angst, romance
Genre: Het
Pairing: Gibbs/Abby
Summary: Gibbs's thoughts during Driven before the elevator doors opened...and a little bit after.
Spoilers: Hiatus, Driven, slight references to Bloodbath and Frame-Up
Disclaimer: These characters belong to DPB, CBS, Paramount, et al. No copyright infringement is intended.

My first NCIS fic! Feedback is welcomed with open arms and cookies.

Gibbs jabbed his finger at the elevator button that would take him to the evidence cage. )

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So, I’ve been immersing myself in NCIS. I now have five seasons on DVD and am currently working my way through season 4.

T's thoughts on NCIS. )

Anyway, I recommend this show quite highly to people looking for a law enforcement type show with good story, great characters and a reason to laugh every week. Reruns are on USA and new episodes are on CBS Tuesdays at 8pm EST.

Now to find more fanfic! My thoughts on what I find in future fangirly posts.
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Word Count: 1267
Rating: PG-13 (for a few naughty words)
Summary: Nothing is all that simple with this couple, even something as simple as turning off a light. Thanks to [ profile] sionnain for the beta! *hugs*

Will you turn off that damned light? )
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A quote from this fic:

And it’s great fun when Scott lets his id out to play. You wouldn’t believe the things the man represses…

My mind, she is a whirlwind.

Now if I only had the time/energy to even make must slow down.

Until then, I've at least saved the moment to look at later.
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So, in an attempt to survive the summer TV hiatus after the briefest of teasers from BSG and only SYTYCD to sustain me with new episodes, I've started trying to catch up on DVD TV seasons I've purchased but never watched.

I'm also working my way through Doctor Who S4, but that's on the computer and I can't watch it on the big screen.

My first series? The extremely short-lived reimagining of Night Stalker, with Stuart Townsend as Carl Kolchak, reporter on a mission to investigate supernatural spookiness and find out who killed his wife in the process.

Executive Producer: Frank Spotnitz, formerly of the writing team at The X-Files.

I always love watching writers migrate to shows of a similar genre, because it shows the different ways they write their protagonists approaching the same situations under different circumstances as previous characters.

The X-Files: Mulder and Scully badge their way through to a crime scene.

Night Stalker: Kolchak and Reed stealth their way in through an emergency exit door after the forensics team has already collected their evidence.

The X-Files: Scully performs the autopsy herself on the strangely-murdered victims.

Night Stalker: One of the orderlies at the morgue (frequently bribed by Carl for info) calls Kolchak and prompts him to question the Coroner regarding the strange things found on the victim's body.

It's little things, y'know? I like it. That, and Stuart Townsend is just lovely to look at.

Only eight episodes of this show were ever made, continuing the trend of "If T watches the pilot and loves it, and continues watching it religiously, it is cancelled before the season is out." Thankfully, there have been a few wonderful exceptions to this (ie, Medium, Supernatural and Heroes to name a blessed few), but I still count it as a trend.

In those eight episodes, the eighth of which I'm still in the middle of watching, the crossover bug has bitten me so hard I'm going to need a tick-nipper thing to get it off my leg.

See, I've spotted two actors from Supernatural in these episodes (and one from Firefly, but he doesn't count so much) that really lend themselves to an NS/SPN crossover.

One of them is Larry from the "Hell House" pair - playing a college freshman working on the school paper, and hounds Kolchak about getting a job at his paper when he graduates.

The other? The actor who plays the Yellow-Eyed Demon - in this show, he plays a cop who runs afoul of a demon-possessed kid that threatens his son.

Also for consideration: Kripke's original vision of Supernatural was of a reporter who investigated otherworldy spookiness.

How does one resist these things??? The ideas are rattling around in my head now. If I only had a boss whose toxic nature didn't suck all my creative energy out of my soul, I could maybe get this stuff written.

For now, I shall note it for later.
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I like this one - yoinked from [ profile] resolute:

From the list that follows, name a fandom and a character and I will, before the year is out, write you something based on the prompt. If you name something I simply cannot do, I'll apologize and ask you to pick something else. :D

Fandoms: X-Men 616 comics, X-Men movies, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Veronica Mars, Firefly, Supernatural, X-Files ummm, Smallville (the earlier seasons), Torchwood, and...well, anything else I squee about.

Hee, these are awesome )
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Oh holy wow...damn.

The show just keeps cranking up the wow.
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Rhys Williams is not a wife-beater. Please to not be making him one just to get Jack and Gwen together.

Save me from 'young' writers.
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Spoilers for Torchwood 2x13 - Exit Wounds )

Bravo, RTD and Co. Amazing stuff.
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Ten Fictional Characters T wouldn't kick out of bed )

Notice how much I value "Loyal" as a trait...and how attracted I seem to be to men with Issues.

Heh, go figure.
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Watched it this

Cut for spoilers, may be edited for further reactions )

Of course, now I have Carnivale/TW crossovers in my head.

Your thoughts?
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So I've been cruising the Torchwood comms on LJ, discovered the rampant character bashing that others have complained about, and have been ruminating on the various ships, canon or otherwise. while watching season 2 (Ahhh, torrents. How I love thee).

So without further ado, ahoy mateys!

The Good Ship Torchwood (cut for spoilers through 2x09) )

Whee, my first ship manifesto! Hope I didn't bore you :)
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Title: Genuflection
Genre: X-Men, 616 comicverse
Rating: R for sexy situations
Summary: Dreams of Emma Frost - Three Perspectives

He's on his knees... )

Yay, I did fic!


Oct. 5th, 2007 03:08 pm
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And I've unsubbed from [ profile] spn_bunnies after 80% of the posts in the last three months were for RPS.

Jensen and Jared are hot - that much we know.

However, this is the comm for, oh, bunnies about THE FRICKIN WINCHESTER BROTHERS, not about woobie!Jensen and top!Jared fucking like bunnies.

Sam and Dean =/= Jared & Jensen (or Padackles, which just makes me want to gag)

Fandom, please


Jul. 18th, 2007 02:25 pm
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Any ideas for a title?
Genre: X-Men, 616-verse, Post-"Torn"
Pairing: Scott/Emma

He wakes before she does. )


Jul. 13th, 2007 03:52 pm
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Yoinked from GJ!

Five Things Meme )

Cross-posted at my GJ too.


Apr. 4th, 2007 07:35 pm
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My [ profile] summers_fling request was posted! Go read!

Learn to Fly by [ profile] imaginaryalice

Scott is adorkable.

Now there needs to be a Scott porn-a-thon so I can get my smut fix in. Srsly.
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Drink Till She's Cute, a scene of Scott and Emma in a hotel during a field trip with the kids. Comicverse, 616, a bit of fluff that I had fun writing.

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Not sure how I did with third-person omnicient, but it's my first try :) Anyway, on to the fic:

Title: Speculation
Author: [ profile] tanya_ltp
Pairing: Emma/Scott (Academy X-verse, set pre-Decimation)
Rating: PG-13 for naughty talk
Summary: The girls of Xaviers School dish on Valentine's Night about...well, it's girl talk

So what do you think the Headmasters are like in bed? )

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Feedback is love!
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Hee, it started in GJ, and I couldn't stop!

Included below...


cut for character/ship secrets )

More to come, I'm sure :)
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